K e k o v i c c o m p a n y


D e j a n K e k o v i c

For more than 40 years, three generations of the Keković family have nurtured the tradition of producing top quality wines for the enjoyment of moments at the vineyard in the heart of Montenegro.

Guided by a family approach, nurturing family values, selected moments for enjoyment, we grow the best varieties of vines in order to bring complete hedonism to your table, your home and your lives. We are dedicated to the promotion of the hedonistic spirit of Montenegrin life, and we keep up with the modern requirements brought by the 21st century. In these conditions, wine becomes an art and manages to respond to today’s modern requirements.

Our vision is that you enjoy the wine that we have created for you with love and pleasure.


K E K O V I C C O c o m p a n y

The company “KEKOVIC CO” was founded in 2018, with the aim of producing and commercializing wines, olives, olive oil, lavender oil and other agricultural products with family spirit and energy.

Despite the company’s youth, the staff has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of business and agriculture, so it is not surprising that the company is growing rapidly year after year.

All business processes of the company are carried out in compliance with the most modern business and safety standards. Also, the company is committed to social responsibility and respect and implementation of environmental and business standards

Our vision

T h e f u t u r e l o o k o f t h e w i n e r y

Taking into account the rapid growth of the company, as well as the effort to create conditions for sustainable and further growth and development, the KEKOVIC CO company plans to create a completely new environment on the Kekovic Estate property.

The project, which will be implemented in two phases during the coming years, will create an environment in which the guest will be able to completely “sink” in the environment and fully experience our products and enchanting atmosphere.

The project will be developed in 2 phases

FIRST PHASE – 1600m2 (production, barrique room, tasting room, cold storage)
SECOND PHASE – 2400m2 (restaurant, accommodation facilities, wellness)
TOTAL 4000m2

Otkrijte srce vinarije Keković, gdje se istančan ukus susreće sa vrhunskim užitkom. Naš intimni prostor nudi nezaboravno iskustvo fine dininga kroz pažljivo uparivanje jelovnika i vrhunskih vina.

Prepustite se sofisticiranoj atmosferi našeg malog restorana, gdje svaki zalogaj i svaki gutljaj postaju delikatno uravnoteženi trenuci uživanja.