T h e K e k o v i ć f a m i l y


H o w d i d w e s t a r t ?

Inspired by the long-standing tradition of making wine, as well as the love for this “Divine” drink, the Keković family is embarking on another adventure in 2018. The family estate in Komunica (Novo Selo) begins its transformation and receives the name “Keković Estate”, under which it officially continues its production and growth.


P a s s i o n f o r c r e a t i n g t h e b e s t w i n e s

With a passionate and enthusiastic approach, a small family idea turns into a serious business venture, while keeping the most important thing in focus – the family.

O u r h i s t o r y


Purchase of property

Radovan and Natalija Keković, father and mother of Miodrag and Dejan Keković, buy a property in Komunica and start planting new vines.


The beginning of harvesting the first fruits

Radovan and Natalija finish planting the first vines of the Vranac variety, and with constant care and great effort, the first fruits are born. Then begins the harvesting and sorting of grapes for the production of wine for family needs.


Planting a new grape variety

Considering the good and significant amount of production, we decided to raise our production to a slightly higher level and with the agreement we decided to plant Cabernet next to the existing Vranc.


Establishment of a company

After a number of years of work, we decided to establish a company called “Kekovic Co”. under which the brand “Keković Estate” continues to operate. The whole organization gives us even greater satisfaction to move towards the top.


First production within the company

Release of the first 3 products – Rosé, Chardonnay and premium wine “Radovan.”

Processing 10 tons of grapes, 5,500 liters of wine.


Increased production

Processing of 20 tons of grapes, 11,000 liters of wine.


Entering the market

The brand “Keković Estate” presents its first wines – Rosé, Chardonnay and Radovan, marking the beginning of our presence on the market. At the same time, the planting of new varieties begins – Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, expanding the range of our authentic products.

Our wines are now present in wine shops, hotels and restaurants throughout Montenegro, testifying to our continuous rise on the wine scene.

Production doubled!

Wine production has doubled!


Continued duplication of production

Successful planting of new vines at the Kopilje location at 630 m above sea level.

Processing of 50 tons of grapes.
Production of sparkling wines from autochthonous varieties.


Growth continues

Leased a vineyard of 24,000 vines at the Berry location, predominantly red varieties.

Processed 86 tons of grapes, emphasizing further development

We opened the doors of our winery for presentations and tastings.

Increased presence in the HoReCa channel in Montenegro