O l i v e o i l



The olives for the production of our oil are hand-harvested, taking into account the most favorable moment of harvesting in order to obtain the best quality oil.

The first step in the oil production process is the removal of mechanical impurities from the olives (leaves, twigs) and this is done using a fan, which provides air flow in the opposite direction to the movement of the olives. The olives are then washed with water to remove the dust.
After cleaning and washing, the olives are ground into pulp. The obtained slurry (paste) is mixed for about 20 minutes, in order to allow the small oil droplets to combine into larger ones. The next step consists in separating the oil from the other olive components using a centrifuge. From the centrifuge, the oil is taken into containers where it settles for better purification. The entire process is continuous and strictly controlled, all with the aim of preserving the high-quality and biologically valuable components of olive oil.

Special care is taken to protect the oil from the influence of oxygen from the air, light and higher temperatures.


Homemade olive oil

G u a r d i a n o f h e a l t h

Raspberries, apart from being an irresistibly delicious fruit, are real guardians of health. They are rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which play a key role in neutralizing free radicals and preserving cell health. In addition, raspberries are a source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, and fiber, which supports digestion.

Regular consumption of this juicy fruit can contribute to maintaining vitality and strengthening general well-being. Enjoy the benefits of raspberry as a tasty ally in preserving your health!

C a r e a n d b e a u t y

Olive oil, with its rich composition, plays a key role in preserving beauty. This oil has powerful antioxidant properties that help maintain skin health. It is used as a natural moisturizer for the skin, providing deep care and revitalization. It is also great for hair care, giving it shine and softness.

Olive oil is a multi-purpose elixir that promises natural beauty without extra effort.