The procurement of the capper, capper and labeler has been completed.
Kekovic Estate has always strived to progress in all segments of operational business. In accordance with this, the acquisition of a capper, capper and labeler ensures the progress of the production process.

The process of putting caps on our capper involves creating a vacuum in the bottle and placing the cap at a uniform height from the neck of the bottle. As a result, prerequisites are created for a longer shelf life of the wine, as well as protection from external influences with a vacuum in the bottle.

The capsule maker allows us to evenly apply the capsule, which represents an additional layer of product protection on the neck of the bottle. 6 rollers rotate at high speed around the neck of the bottle and apply pressure, completely squeezing out the air between the capsule and the bottle.

The labeler allows us to automate the process in which errors most often occur. Given that our bottles are conical, great precision is required to stick the label well. Our labeler ETC230 from the manufacturer MEP applies the label on the bottle with great precision, and it does it very consistently. With this, we are able to label up to 1,500 bottles in one day, without worrying about work errors and increasing the efficiency of our production process.